I first purchased my Xbox One last Summer and with it was Evolve, Turtle Rock Studios attempt to break into the next gen market. Turtle Rock had previously worked on the stellar Left for Dead series, a four player (or five) team based zombie shooter. In Evolve however, the formula remains the same: Four players face off against a player (Not always) controlled ‘Monster’ that can evolve and learn new abilities to combat the hunters.

One of the hardest things in game development is to find the challenge biting point: Make the monster too hard and the hunters have no fun and vice versa. Evolve balances the two teams extremely well. The hunters stand an even chance against the monster and likewise with the monster against the hunters. The only exception is the hunter controlled AI which could be better when playing solo but this is common in every game.

Evolve’s well balanced teams mean that games are usually action packed, long, fun and extremely rewarding. As the monster, there is a certain sense of achievement that is only obtained by outwitting 4 other players online. Likewise with the hunters, it feels amazing to have worked together to takedown a massive beast that posed a real and significant threat to your team.

Unfortunately no one plays this game anymore and the Xbox Spring sale did little to bolster the dwindling numbers, even though Evolve and all of its DLC was on sale for a much lower price. I think its sad to see a gem of a game like Evolve be lost to time. Especially when Evolve is an excellent team building game and a challenging one at that, but time seems to be the death of all online games these days, no matter how good they were.

If you play Evolve and need a good medic look me up @Silencer1191 on Xbox One.

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