Yesterday I ended up watching two films in which Brit Marling played a major role: Sound of my Voice and I, Origins. Both films are Sci-Fi dramas with low budgets but it is through the power of their actors and well written scripts that they shine through into the low 7’s on IMDb, which is truly something.

Brit Marling is a terrific actor, able to portray a time travelling cult leader with passion and agression in Sound of my Voice to a scientist/ lover in I, Origins. Today however, I plan on watching Another Earth, where Brit Marling is in a lead role. If her performances in the other two films are anything to go by, well then Another Earth will surely be an amazing film.

As a media student, I know all too well that there are very few lead roles in cinema being offered to women or being written with a woman in mind which is why I love seeing Brit Marling doing an amazing job in these films. Not only is she improving her standing in the world of acting but showing the world that women can be leads in films with interesting plots and play multi-dimensional characters really well.

One of the other things I admire Brit for is her ability as a writer where she has been writing parts for herself to play, essentially cutting out the middle man. If the two films I watched are anything to go by, Brit Marling definitely knows what she is capable of and what roles suit her acting style.

If you get a chance please check out the three movies that I’ve mentioned, I promise that you will not be disappointed. Below I’ve included links to each films IMDb page so you can see for yourself. I will say that you are probably better off not reading too much about the films or you’ll spoil them for yourself.

Sound of my Voice (2011)
Another Earth (2011)
I, Origins (2014)

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