Everyday, in my entire life, I have engaged with culture in some way or another. It is only in my teenage years and now my 20’s that I’ve truly engaged with culture, particularly the culture I like to surround myself in. Whether this be music, film, TV, radio or games. If I were to look at the cultures I directly involve myself with however… Well lets try.

Musically I would consider myself as a bit of a Grunge enthusiast, Rock definitely, Classic Rock, British Garage Rock, Alternative Rock, basically all things Rock and Roll. Respectively, this includes: Pearl Jam, AC/DC, Fleetwood Mac, Royal Blood (majorly!) and Wolf Alice (recently). TV? Well thats a big list… To name a few: True Detective, Game of Thrones and Blindspot. Movies? Its usually easier to go by actor: Matthew McConaughey, Matt Damon, Charles Dance, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Michael Caine, Viggo Mortensen, Thomas Jane… the list goes on.

Just by listing the things I’m into, its easy to see what kind of person I am. Aidan clearly likes Rock music, Aidan enjoys weekly TV shows with interesting stories, Aidan also enjoys Action/ Thriller/ Suspense/ Sci-Fi/ Fantasy movies with a good lead actor.

A lot of those things can be attributed to both my Brother and Father’s tastes. My Brother loved Grunge and my Father loved AC/DC and Fleetwood Mac. From those two influences I was able to find my own tastes in British Garage Rock and Alt Rock: sub genres of Rock and Roll.

This has also extended to seeing both AC/DC and Fleetwood Mac live which I’ve also blogged about much earlier on my page. Because of my Father I now have an unconditional love for the Fairy Godmother of Rock and Roll – Stevie Nicks. And like any good fan I also keep my fair share of memorabilia.


My ticket to Fleetwood Mac in 2015.


My AC/DC T-shirt, one of many.

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