Having watched the documentary ‘The internets own boy’ recommended to us by our lecturer Richie, I felt a burning rage build up inside of me. I was too young and inexperienced to know what was happening at the time of Aaron’s inditement and his political activism in America and it angers me greatly that I am only learning of this massive injustice now.

It is clear, from my watching of the documentary, that the United States justice system had bullied Aaron into a position where he thought that suicide was his only option. They knew what they were doing and had betted that this was going to be its result, the result that they had wanted: Hammer down the nail that stuck out.

In fairytales and folklore, trolls would normally hide under bridges and assault travelers into paying a toll. In post modern society, trolls now stand guard over information and the access to it. Trolls inhabit our governments, publishing offices, copyright offices and all forms of office related to our access of information on the internet and its use, forcing us to pay their tolls to access it. Aaron believed otherwise and it was his beliefs and ideas that had pitted him against a government that has never played fair in the 200+ years of its existence. A government that bullied him into a corner to get the result they wanted because when America doesn’t get what it wants, it turns into a evil bastard where nothing is considered cruel.

We have seen this time and again when people challenge unjust laws and speak up about crimes being committed by governments and end up getting steamrolled into oblivion. More recently, if we look at Ed Snowden who blew the whistle on the NSA, he was forced to seek political asylum in Russia for fear of what his own country would do to him should he return.

We now inhabit a world where doing the right thing is considered taboo and anyone who speaks up about whats wrong is criminalized, a world where if you refuse to passively consume, you are broken. Everyday I feel more and more like George Orwell was trying to warn us – This is how things will be if you don’t fight it.

I just hope Aaron’s death was not in vain, that he died a martyr for a righteous cause because God knows the world is in dire need of a revolution.

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