Prior to the election, I was tasked with analysing Declan’s social media campaign. However now that the election is over and most of the candidates have filled their seats in the Irish senate I will make a judgement on whether Declan’s social media campaign helped him in his victory.

I will start by saying that most of Declan’s votes had been secured before he first started running as many people in Louth would vote for Fianna Faíl, even if the party started mugging people on the street, although this is a characteristic common among every party in Ireland. Judging by the fact that Declan was elected, I would definitely say that there was more than just loyal supporters voting for him. Declan has been extremely active on social media over the three weeks leading up to the general election and I would be surprised if he received no extra votes because of this.

The other thing about Declan’s campaign was the posters. Clearly Fianna Faíl has gone under some serious rebranding as their candidates posters were extremely well crafted, from a design perspective. It is obvious that Fianna Faíl has spent a lot of money, investing into the quality of their posters and their candidate’s websites, believing that these are the key to gaining more votes.

Although, Declan was not elected until the 7th count, along with Gerry Adams and even then Imelda Munster obtained the highest number of votes of any candidate in Louth in this election.

To wrap this up, it is obvious that Declan’s social media campaign helped him achieve a victory in Louth along with Fianna Faíl’s own rebranding and poster campaign.

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