Last weekend, I was attending the counting of the votes for the Louth constituents at the Ramada Hotel in Dundalk. I was lucky enough to have been given a pass into the centre and was able to watch the process. While at the count I ended up running into Declan Breathnach and Imelda Munster. Imelda made history being elected as Louth’s first female TD on the 10th count of the latest election. Sinn Féin also made history too, having claimed two seats in Louth for the first time with Imelda Munster and Gerry Adams.

The 2016 election has been extremely generous to Sinn Féin with a total of 23 seats. The new members of Dáil Éireann will meet for the first time on Thursday the 10th of March to elect Irelands new Taoiseach (Prime Minister) to lead the country. With no party holding a majority of seats in the Dáil, electing a new Taoiseach will be a long task.

Imelda Munster, however, is currently on a high, having been elected as Louth’s first female TD, an historic achievement for the Sinn Féin councillor. Below is an excerpt from the Drogheda Life Website concerning Imelda’s election:

Having had something of a media baptism of fire – she had conducted interviews with several of the national TV and radio stations within minutes  of arriving at the count centre alongside Party President Gerry Adams, Imelda spoke to Drogheda Life to thank the people of Drogheda. “It’s not officially declared yet” the smiling and obviously delighted candidate said, “but I want to sincerely thank the people of Drogheda, Louth and East Meath for placing their trust in me.”

I look forward to seeing what the two Louth TDs can do for us.

Below I’ve included a picture of myself and Imelda taken on the first night of the counts in Louth.


Myself and TD Imelda Munster.




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