Having fallen in love with Royal Blood and their debut self titled album, England has done it again with Wolf Alice. Wolf Alice appeared on the scene back in 2010, releasing some singles and EPs such as ‘Creature Songs’ in 2014. As of 2015, Wolf Alice has released their album ‘My love is cool’ which I’m currently listening to now. In more recent news however, they have won the ‘best track’ award with their song ‘Giant Peach’ and ‘best live band’ award at the NME’s in Austin, Texas this year. When accepting the award for best track, bassist Theo Ellis said:

“Fuck, it’s too early. We’re not drunk enough to accept an award yet. This is nerve wracking. Big up our record label who put this song out.”

Already I can tell that the band has drawn major influence from Grunge in the 90’s (A la vocals from Alice in Chains) but also from other English rock bands with a definite influence stemming from Black Sabbath and even the Beatles. The one thing I love about the band is the female vocalist. Its highly unusual to see a female vocalist in a rock band in the past few years. Although Wolf Alice class themselves as Alt Rock where the female vocalist is commonplace. Sometimes the vocals even remind me of Lana Del Rey and MSMR singer Lizzy Plapinger, haunting at times.

Wolf Alice and Royal Blood are now the standard bearers in a new revival of Garage Rock and Alternative Rock and let me be the first say, thank the Gods for them! In a world where pop artists dominate the music that is played on radios, Wolf Alice has received a decent amount of air time on rock stations such as Ireland’s Radio Nova (100.3 FM). I’m so glad for these two bands, they give hope to thousands of people who have lost interest in the music industry like me. It also gives me hope that there is some kind of Alt Rock revival present in popular culture today.

I can already tell that Wolf Alice is a band that I will be keeping both of my eyes on over the next few years. If Royal Blood and Wolf Alice are anything to go by, the current state of affairs in the music industry is constantly improving but has not redeemed itself yet, if the music industry is worthy of redemption at all. Hopefully the next thing on Irish radio will be actual talent like these two great bands. Be sure to give them a listen if you haven’t already!

Below I have included pictures of both bands sourced from Google Images. The image featured is of Ellie Rowsell, lead vocalist and guitarist of Wolf Alice.


English Alt Rock band Wolf Alice. From left to right: Theo Ellis, Joel Amey, Ellie Rowsell and Joff Odie.


English Garage Rock duo Royal Blood. From left to right: Ben Thatcher and Mike Kerr.

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