In an article by the Guardian that Richie had given us for reading, it argues that ‘Silicon Valley’ is heralding a new free market where companies can crop up and begin trading without rules or regulations such as Uber taxis. Uber lets anyone become a ‘Driver’ by signing up and letting them earn as much as they want on whatever hours they want by picking up ‘Clients’ using the app. Obviously this presents the problem of who my driver is. Without a regulatory body, Uber can hire whoever they want and as a result, put the general public at risk of interacting with people who may have other, ulterior, motives. To quote the article:

Silicon Valley might have the world’s biggest reserves of chutzpah and arrogance, but could it also be laying the foundations of the new economic order? This seems to be the growing consensus among both its critics and cheerleaders; the disagreement is over what kind of order this will prove to be.

Getting back to Social Democracy however. If a company like Uber could spring up and offer anyone a job. What will stop other companies from springing up and doing the same? I think a company like Uber, with the proper rules and a regulatory body (Government or other) would be an amazing idea. It is free Capitalism in its most basic form. If you have the means to make money, go make it! Everybody wins! People are hired, make money and usually the company pays taxes to the country they are based in. If people have money they can then buy things which are taxed so the government is in receipt of more taxes.

Although this is not ideal. As an unregulated company, hiring people who are their own bosses, what happens when no one wants to do a particular route? Or if no driver has a vehicle that caters to the disabled? The service that they provide is based upon the pillars that money is made. Why would someone bother driving miles for one disabled person when they could do clients that are much closer and paying better?

This is exactly the reason why we have public transport. Transport that must do a certain route or offer a particular service regardless of cost. But if we also have Uber that does this much cheaper, will public transport suffer?

I feel more companies like Uber will spring up in the future but I do question their ethics. Regulation is not necessarily a bad thing, especially when it aids public safety, security and gives people peace of mind.

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