For my self-directed project in this Culture and Society module, I would like to look at the production values present in the videos that ISIS is/ was uploading to Social Media. My argument is that the quality of the video, advanced editing techniques and graphics integration suggests that these videos are being produced by professionals who have money to invest into the software and hardware required to produce such videos. We no longer live in an age where Bin Laden is uploading poorly rendered videos from a cave somewhere in the Middle East. This group is clearly organised and has some kind of PR plan (It would seem) on how to reach the Western world and target potential recruits. It is clear that from my studies in Creative Media that it would take a professional education and industry standard software to be able to produce the videos that this organisation is uploading. Let alone the need for high quality camera and sound equipment and even the need for WiFi when uploading the videos.

On another note of less importance, I’d like to research how this organisation knew how to use the internet to reach their target audience and why someone would use their skills to further this organisations goals. Is ISIS recruiting straight out of College like the U.S would recruit outside of cinemas playing Top Gun? (if they are or were recruiting college students). As I’ve said before, the videos that these people are uploading are of professional quality and with research I would like to discover if Media students are actually being recruited by ISIS to develop and produce these videos.

As part of the essay, I would also conduct a survey using Social Media to see what people thought of the videos ISIS were uploading and if they thought the same thing I did: These videos are clearly well funded and produced. I would also be interviewing key members of the DKIT Lecturing staff that deal with video and audio such as Fiachra, Kenneth and Richie Price to see what they think of my research topic and if they can provide any insight. I would also interview Sebastian Gates about how easy it would be for ISIS to upload videos from where they are in the world. Finally, I would be writing a 3000 – 4000 word essay on my topic, my research and my findings as well as the interviews with DKIT staff members.

Layout of essay

Beginning –

Introduce topic as well as explain work I’ve done for the essay (Interviews/ research).

Middle –

Argue that the videos are well produced and clearly well-funded.

Argue that their production values suggest advanced education in media arts.

Discuss where this advanced media education may be coming from.

Discuss the interviews with lecturers about the topic.

Discuss results of online survey.

End –

Conclusions from survey.

Conclude essay with my findings and personal feelings.

References and bibliography.

Below I have also included a picture of the type of set up we used in our Short Film groups, just to give you an idea of the work and equipment that goes into shooting professional video. There was four people in our group and at least 20+ pieces of equipment as well as countless documents of planning.



The type of Camera setup we used in our project.

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