Lecturing is something I’ve always had my eye on, ever since beginning my Creative Media course in O’Fiaich back in 2012. 4 years later I’m now in DKIT and this is still the case. My plan consists of:

  1. Complete level 5 Multimedia course (O’Fiaich College) – Finished
  2. Complete level 6 Multimedia course (O’Fiaich College) – Finished
  3. Complete level 7 BA in Creative Multimedia (DKIT College) – In progress
  4. Complete level 8 Hons Degree in Creative Multimedia (DKIT College) – Upcoming
  5. Complete level 9 Masters Degree in Creative Multimedia (DKIT College) – Upcoming
  6. Become lecturer/ assistant lecturer in one or two of the many disciplines of Creative Media

Hopefully, by the year 2019/2020 my plan would be coming to fruition. Numbers 5 and 6 could potentially be done at the same time and I would willingly work anywhere that has a lecturing or teaching position available to me.

The main reason why I’d like to lecture in the future is down to the sense of purpose I feel when helping my colleagues. I’d love to be able to do this on a full time basis, not for monetary wants or needs but for my own personal gain. To help future students understand and enjoy their chosen field (Creative Media). Aside from this, I like the idea of having or sharing an office. If things were to go according to plan, I would be the first person in my family to pursue a career in teaching, the idea of which motivates me towards my goal.

My plan involves a lot of hard work and many hours sitting in front of a computer but lecturing is my ideal career and the only career I would be happy to do for the rest of my life

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