One of my most favourite photos of my own is the one pictured below and featured. The photo was taken by myself at a Pearl Jem (Europe’s best Pearl Jam Tribute band) gig in the Spirit Store here in Dundalk in 2014. I was there as part of my Media Authoring module in college, in an attempt to acquire assets. Pictured is my Brother Chris Carney tuning his guitar in preparation for the next song as the lights overhead reflect off him. The opportunity presented itself and I took it using a Canon DSLR. My lecturer even commented on the photo, saying that it was one of the best photos I had taken from that night. (Link to Pearl Jem’s website –

For whatever reason, I love how the light reflects in the photo and how it captures what it is to be a musician: Hard work and frustration but a sense of creativity and belonging at the same time. I’m proud to be able to call Chris my brother and I have the deepest respect for him and his ability to play the guitar, among other instruments. Judging by my chosen career path, it would be safe to assume creativity runs in my family. If you’d like to check out my first post about that night and see some of the other photos, the link is here –

IMG_0818 copy

Chris Carney, Guitarist with Pearl Jem

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