While driving the other day, I was listening to the radio when this song came on. It was much different to the usual drivel that is played on Irish radio these days, with interesting vocals my Miike Snow. Naturally, when I got home I immediately YouTube’d the song and found the video, which I must have watched six or seven times.

The video depicts a Bond(esque) villain who has captured his nemesis and has him strapped to a table where he plans on torturing him with a laser. Before he can do this however, the clock strikes five and the villain’s ‘shift’ is over. We see the villain go home to his family where we see he is clearly not happy; he barely communicates with his wife, hinting at an affair. Eventually, the villain can’t take his mind off of his nemesis and returns to the lair to finish him off. Just as the villain is about to execute his plan, he realeases his nemesis and lets him walk.

Up untill this point I thought it was a really clever take on the Hero/ Villain relationship, poking fun that the hero needs his villain and the villain also needs his hero. However the hero turns and begins dancing with the villain and as it turns out, they have a crush on each other! Later we see that the villain has gotten rid of his wife in exchange for his lover, the hero!

From listening to the lyrics and watching the video numerous times I glean that the song is about a man who is conflicted about his feelings, whether to let his lover go or to keep him/her from loving anyone else.

Forgetting about the song and lyrics, the video itself is extremely well done. The choreography by the two actors is a little off but it adds to the video in its own way, making it feel very natural. The villain is excellent at syncing to the lyrics which gives him a real on screen presence. The satirical take on the hero/ villain relationship and the fact that the villain has a life outside of his ‘job’ shows that a lot of thought went into the production of this music video, making sure that there was comedy but also meaning behind it.

Looking at 2016 so far, this is one of the best music videos this year, in fact I think of it as one of my new favorite music videos in general. The featured image is taken from the video.

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