Looking at my DVD collection this afternoon I stumbled upon an old classic in the shape of flowing brown hair, a battered white tank top and all American blue jeans.

Before Nicolas Cage started making horrible films (well… Lets not be too harsh) he had done two films in particular with Jerry Bruckheimer, one being The Rock alongside Sean Connery and the other being the “Oscar worthy” Con Air.

For those of us who have seen Con Air, we know it’s not an amazing (or good) film but we also know that it’s great fun to watch! With legendary one liners such as “Put the bunny back in the box…” and a particular heroic shot of Cage stepping off a bus with his hair blowing in the gentle wind. This film was made back in a time when Hollywood went crazy for male action stars, with the likes of Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Arnie and even Ireland’s own Pierce Brosnan as a very unique James Bond.

Nowadays I feel that Hollywood has forgotten how to have fun and as a result we haven’t seen a decent action flick in years. The only film that came close was John Wick, starring Keanu Reeves, but even then it had no laugh out loud moments and lets not forget that Keanu himself once starred in the greatest movie ever about a bomb on a bus! These days, Hollywood has opted for style over substance.

However! A little while ago a film came out that didn’t do very well. It was called Drive Angry and for those of us who have seen it know it as Nicolas Cages worst performance to date. But when I was watching it I couldn’t help but fall in love with the film! It was brash, over the top, stupid, crazy and fun! The soundtrack is amazing and some of the set pieces had me crying with laughter, especially William Fichtner’s scenes as the ‘Accountant’. Although the movie got slammed to bits, it was a stupidly fun thrill ride that actually immersed me in it’s world. I miss films that are smart enough to know that their plot doesn’t make any sense but they take you on a wild ride nonetheless.

Before I finish up, lets look back at some of the less believable plots of the nineties!

The Rock: Soldiers take over Alcatraz prison and are intent on launching rockets at San Fran.

Speed: Bomb on a bus, bus can’t go over a certain speed or boom!

 Escape from L.A: Hahahaha…

Armageddon: Easier to train drillers to be astronauts, perfect sense.

Gone in 60 seconds: Nicolas Cage stealing cars, enough said.

Alien Resurrection: And people call Con Air silly?

True lies: Arnold at his best, especially that fighter jet sequence…

What do all of these films have in common? All of them are over the top, stupid, fun.

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