Prior to using Raspberry Pi, Kieran had brought in an Xbox 360 Kinect camera with the intention of using it with Processing 3 and some open source software called TUIO. Once the Kinect camera had been connected to the computer he then opened processing and put the TUIO software into a library located in a Processing folder. Kieran then loaded a TUIO example and the camera displayed a very black and white, pixelated version of reality. Prior to class, Kieran had also printed and cut out blobby markers called Fiducials which the camera can track and tell apart from other Fiducials. These can be used to create touch based games and eventually track motion.

Unfortunately this is about as far as we had got with the use of Fiducial markers as the software was not being too nice to us. The applications of this software is endless and is definitely something we are thinking of using in our group project.

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