The Monday before our Reading Week, Kieran put on a documentary for us called Indie Game – The Movie. The movie followed the story of two ‘teams’ of indie game developers; one producing the critical success Super Meat Boy and the other struggling to finish the commercially successful Fez. The documentary offered a valuable insight into the world of game development which actually seemed very scary as Phil Fish was suicidal over getting Fez finished. This didn’t turn me off though, not that I want to be a game developer as my dream is to become a graphic designer, but I can understand how a project may put you through the wars. The other side of the coin was Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes who were designing Super Meat Boy. While they also had a rough time designing and developing their game, it almost seemed like they had an easier time of it compared to Phil Fish. To me this seems that Edmund having that extra person really helped lighten the workload.

In retrospect, I feel that the documentary was very well put together and professionally made. I also feel that the documentary offered a great insight into the world of a game designer or developer. Showing us all that it’s not as easy as it may seem. I feel that this documentary was probably a good thing for someone like me to watch as I have a group project module where we must design and create an interactive project under the heading of independence. Hopefully though, my project won’t turn out to be as depressing or mentally strenuous as Super Meat Boy or Fez.

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