Over reading week I focused all of my attention on starting my Self Directed Project for my Digital Visualisation and Design module. For the purposes of this module  I’m working as a freelancer for a solo musician called Anna Jensen (Who is imaginary). Anna Jensen is 21 and currently trying to break out into the Alt – Rock music scene. She has asked me to design cover artwork and a booklet for CD format, flier and gig poster for her debut performance and t-shirts for her merchandise stand before and after the gig. Anna has asked me to make all of this ‘Personal’ to her as she wants her fans to know what she looks like, rather than be a faceless voice. With this in mind I made a stab at an album cover for her.

I asked my friend Lauren Pepper to be my model and over the course of an hour we ended up with 111 shots, of which 99 were of usable quality. After sifting through the best ones I settled on the one that you see featured and below. The font is Againts with Thunder glyphs which is free here at pixelbuddha.

While this is still an ongoing project I hope to update my blog weekly about my progress and hopefully I will be able to display all I have made for the project sometime in mid December!


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