In keeping with my my past work, today I read an article in IDN (International Designers Network, Vol 21, No 4). The article followed Marc Schutz and Ole Schulte, a pair of designers who founded their own company Schultzschultz in 2007. The article mentions that Schultzschultz works in a variety of graphic design areas such as books and posters but focuses mainly on their work for record sleeves. Based on my thoughts on some of the examples included in the article I think that their work is very alternative, using distorted text and patterns to create a unique design for the artist.

One of my favorite examples from the article is one for an artist called Sam Paganini, which uses plain white text on a background of blue to light blue with differently colored, rounded, geometric shapes. What I like about this design is that it is completely unique to the client. Obviously it follows the pairs own method of design but the design itself is completely unique to Sam Paganini.

I think that record sleeve design is an art form and definitely a hobby or career I would love to see myself in. It’s nice to know that records are still on the go, considering that CD’s and DVD’s have somewhat died off over the last few years. I feel that records will live on for quite some time. Not because the audio quality is far superior to digital alternatives but because of a records unique packaging. Personally, I would buy a record for it’s artwork, almost like I would buy a t-shirt or pair of jeans. If it looks nice, I have to have it.

While on the subject of records and record sleeve artwork, I’d like to draw attention to the artwork for Stevie Nicks most recent album; 24 Karat Gold, Songs from the Vault. I think the artwork for this album is very special, featuring a large picture of a young Ms Nicks, covered in a gold overlay with all of the black in the image emphasized. Maybe it’s because I’m a massive fan of hers but I think the album art adds to the experience of listening to Stevie, almost giving us some background information about her. Below is an image is taken from Schultzschultz’s website, which is available here. Also below is an image of the artwork for the Stevie Nicks album I mentioned.

Hi-Res Stevie Nicks 24 Karat Gold Songs From The Vault


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