Things I found very interesting about the objectified documentary.

1. Japanese toothpicks.

I thought this was interesting due to the tip that broke off to let others know that it had been used, as well as acting as a rest for the toothpick itself. I think the most important difference between cultures such as Japanese and our Western can be found in all of the little things such as this. If one of these found its way to Ireland I don’t think we would understand the concept of the breakable tip.

2. Apples product development.

I found this interesting due to the amount of metal that is saved due to the same parts being recycled for other parts. For example; the sheet of metal that makes the case of a MacBook is also used to make the keyboard fittings. What’s most interesting is that not only does it save on the metal that’s used to make the product, but also the amount of money that the company spends to create and design the product. I think this is very clever on apples behalf.

3. Simplistic design of Braun products.

I found this interesting because over the years the design of Braun items has changed very little and yet Braun is still a market leader in this day and age. This shows that simplistic design is often the best design, following the age old saying “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. Simplicity often goes hand in hand with ease of use and often requires little prior knowledge of the product for someone who has never seen the product to use it at first glance.


Overall I think this documentary was very informative and offered a good insight into usability in the world of design, good practice in the design of everyday items and first hand accounts of professionals in the industry.

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