With today’s music industry in a complete shambles, save for the likes of Hozier, I long to hear something with powerful poetry and imagery at the heart of its lyrics. Led Zeppelin springs to mind when I think of poetry in song lyrics but there’s only so many times you can listen to Stairway to Heaven without becoming bored. Fleetwood Mac also crosses my mind when I think of good lyrics, with the likes of The Chain and Tusk, a person can get a good sense of what these songs are about and the stories that hide within their words.

Just over 6 months ago, a new band came to my attention through word of mouth. My friend had described them as ‘fresh’ and ‘something new’. Not quite metal, not quite rock, Royal Blood fall into the genre of alternative, and I can’t stop listening to them. The edgy guitar riffs and industrial drums, combined with lyrics that give me chills quickly put Royal Blood at the top of my favourite artists.

Their debut album has rocketed them into the limelight, winning them many awards and putting them at the front of our generations rock scene. I can safely say I love Royal Blood and own many t-shirts with their name emblazoned on the front. It makes me smile knowing that good music isn’t quite dead yet. Royal Blood gives hope to the broken mess that is today’s music industry.

The featured image is taken from their artwork for the song ‘Ten Tonne Skeleton’.

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