In the second semester of my second year at DKIT we were asked to create business stationary for our own fictitious companies. I had decided to go with a clothing retailer that provided for young people, like River Island or New Look. The name of my company was Eleven 91 and they specialized in small sizes for both men and women aged 18 to 28. The stationary was created solely in Adobe Illustrator and featured a very simple logo utilizing different strokes to add a fun look to the stationary. The layout was created with both right and left alignments, creating clear lines in the documents themselves. I even utilized the golden ratio and rule of thirds, creating grids to keep all of my content together. This is especially evident in the compliments slip. Overall I was very proud of my work for this project. I think my stationary would appeal to my target audience and help in making an informed decision about my fictional companies’ quality and ethos.

My business card for Eleven 91.

My business card for Eleven 91.


Compliments slip.


Headed paper.

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