In my first blog post I’ll be showcasing a project that I had received in the first semester of my second year at DKIT.

We were asked to create an album cover for a fictitious artist for a particular genre. My fictitious artist was Anna Jensen, an up and coming DJ who recorded her own tracks in her home. I drew inspiration from the likes of Avicii, with simple, knocked out typefaces and a logo of sorts for Anna’s two initials – A and J. These were created in illustrator using offset paths. The picture I had taken the previous summer from atop Croagh Patrick, Ireland’s holy mountain. I applied numerous filters and embossing to create the look and then flipped the image to create a surreal world, almost as if the Artists world was flipped upside down. Finally the red box containing the album title was a complete stab in the dark and just so happened to work very well. Overall I was very pleased with the result of this project. If I were to do it again I may add more brightness to the image as now it seems quite dark. As well as brightness I may have used a different colour overlay such as blue or teal to accentuate the water and sky. I would hope if Anna existed she would be proud to use this as her album cover.

The album cover was included in DKIT’s creative media showreel here.

Anna Jensen

Anna Jensen – Of a pleasure, created by Aidan Carney.

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